3D Printing Aria the Dragon

My most challenging print so far.

Up to now I’ve been printing parts for additional printers.  Thought I would tackle something majestic.

I love dragons.  Here is Aria The Dragon from thingiverse.com

But So far she doesn’t look that great.

dragon1dragon2I’m trying to figure out the right settings for her.  I’d like to print at .1 or .2 mm layer height.

The above was printed with Repetier Host using Cura slicing.

So, I figured out why it was so bad… Printing too fast.

Rectangular infill, 50% speed, .3mm layer.

Retraction enabled, 2mm
1.6mm shell (4 shells @.4mm nozzle size)
.8 top/bottom
15 % infill – grid

I cancelled the print because something snagged and the Y axis skipped.

After several attempts, I decided to slow the print way down using the Feedrate setting in Repetier host.  I set this down to 25% in a desperate attempt to get a quality print out.  I was pleasantly amazed when I woke up this morning to find this on my printer….


While not perfect, it is definitely getting close!

Settings so far:

.3mm layer
No raft or brim
Shell thickness: 1.6mm (4 shells @ .4 mm nozzle)
Top/Bottom thickness:  .8mm
Infill overlap: 5%
Infill type: Concentric lines
Solid Top/Bottom
Retraction @ 40mm/s 2mm distance
Temps: 230/90
Material: Bright green ABS

The interesting thing about this ABS, I had terrible luck with it before. It would warp and banana like crazy, and I pretty much labelled it “junk.”

But after I modified my el-cheapo Jhead hot end, everything I print now prints great!

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