High resolution closeup of 3D Printer quality

Here are some high res photos of things I’ve printed, or attempted to print.

These were printed at .2mm layer height, green is ABS, red is HIPS.

Some of these are duds.  They either didn’t finish or didn’t make the cut.

This is a set of bushings I was printing.  These are duds because I had the wrong infill setting and you can see the dimples on the middle one’s side…


Some more bushings that didn’t survive.  Not the printer’s fault, I just had to tweak yet another setting…


This dragon was printing very nicely, albeit a few holes that I haven’t quite figured out, but then in the end, this green filament is very blobby and caused the print to fail. I’ve given up on this filament because of this issue.  It was Shaxon from Fry’s Electronics.



Here is a hollow block I printed by accident.  I had left the infill set to zero for a previous print, and this is what I came out with.

The interesting part is the excellent bridging.  Look into the hollow block and you can see the bottom of the top, where it bridged. Also, you can see the layering on the sides and how nice and even they were.  I don’t see any banding either…






20150530_014500 20150530_014527

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