Finally getting some decent prints

After what seemed like endless hours of fine tuning, I’m finally getting decent prints.  I still have work to do, and learning to learn, but I’m happy with the results so far.

Here is a vase printed at .2mm layer.  That’s like a “medium” setting, and is my standard setting.  The nozzle in my printer is .4 mm.  This red plastic is called High Impact Poly Styrene.  It doesn’t warp like ABS and so far has been a real gem to print with.  It’s also harder than ABS.


Here is a thing that someone tossed out as a challenge for RepRap machine owners.  mine printed it fairly.  I mean, it printed it.  Without failing.  But I wouldn’t call it amazing… yet.



I decided to load up the PET+ that I bought a week ago at MicroCenter here in Dallas.  I had been reserved about printing this in my cheapo Jhead hot end because it has a PTFE liner inside.  If you run that hotend too hot, it will melt that liner.  Well, PET+ needs 250-260 degrees C to work properly.  Well, it printed nicely!  I’m so stoked by the results.  I’m quite amazed that this machine that I built out of random bits, fine tuned over about 150 hours of work is producing these results.  I’m not giving up on fine tuning because I’m sure there is more to do, but for now I’m a happy printer owner!


2 inches tall by 3 inches across the top.

Madesolid Sapphire PET+ 1.75mm diameter

Printed in sprial mode, .2mm layer, 250-260 degrees hotend, 90 bed, probably around 40mm/s

Koch Tealight Vase on Thingiverse

Here is a sample of the layering consistency I’m getting at the moment.


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