3D Printing Fusible Alloys

I’ve been doing some research on fusible alloys. These are metals that have a very low melting point, around the temperature of boiling water (212 degrees F, maybe 95-100 degrees Celcius).

Care must be taken with many of these alloys because of most of them contain toxic ingredients such as Lead, Mercury and Cadmium.

The mixture I see working that is non-toxic is Bismuth and Tin.

So the steps roughly seem to include the following:

  1. Build an extruder
  2. Buy some Bismuth shot and Tin inguts
  3. Melt them together 62.5% Bismuth, 37.5% Tin
  4. Extrude to 3mm filament
  5. Print metal objects at about 95 degrees celcius

With a dual extruder setup, we could use High Impact Poly Styrene as a support material and dissolve it using Limonene.





Buy Bismuth from MetalShipper.com




Buy Tin from MetalShipper.com


Who’s with me!? In case anyone does this, you read it here first ! lol or maybe second…

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