Copyright Notice

Cricut Expression, Cricut Personal, Cricut, George and Basic Shapes, et al are copyright and trademarked terms property of Provo Craft, Inc.  I claim no rights to these terms.  Their usage on this website is not meant to harm Provo Craft or cause any confusion among their users.  Therefore, as much as humanly possible, I will refrain from using these terms in my posts.

The machine I own came without software or cartridges.  It was not operational and would not power up.  Therefore, I exercised my rights to repair this machine and reprogram it to work the way I want it to work.

I have not reverse engineered any of Provo’s software.  I have erased the memory of the machine and replaced its on-board firmware with my own software.

FreeExpression is hereby Copyright (c) 2015, Mark Williamson.

The term FreeExpression represents my efforts to write software for an otherwise non-functional piece of hardware that is in my possession.

FreeExpression is composed of several libraries of third party code, the following notices honor their work and contributions to the open source community.

FreeCut – Experimental firmware replacement for Cricut Personal cutter machines.

u8glib – Graphics library for OLED devices

Grbl – Arduino Gcode firmware.  I used the Serial routines from Grbl.

HPGL – Code borrowed from Motori Plotter project on Google Code.

Once the project has matured into a stable state, I will release the source code to FreeExpression under a GPL open source license.