3D Printing Bed Adhesion challenges

The difficulty with printing plastics using an FDM 3D printer is getting them to stick to the bed for the entire duration of the print.  There a lot of different common wisdoms that you will read about on the internet, and here is one more!

I’ve used ABS Juice for ABS, Blue tape for PLA, Glue stick, etc.  But Now I’ve found the ONE SIZE FITS ALL sticky stuff!  It’s Elmers Carpenter’s Wood Glue!

I diluted it in a mason jar, I didn’t really measure it, so you can just wing it.  Make it runny is all I can say.  Then apply it with a sponge brush.  Now all of my different filament materials including Nylon, PLA, ABS and HIPS stick to the bed!  They grip the glue very well, and I have no warping!  Check the pics!


In fact, it stuck so well, it pulled the lettering off the blue painter’s tape 🙂

The line you see in the plastic is where the two parts of painter’s tape joined together on the bed.


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